Spyro 3 Epilogue

Page 1 Nancy wins gold, at last.
Page 2 The dreaded curse of the tail-snake comes true.
Page 3 The seals invent the sport of squid-boarding.
Page 4 The game of Whack a Bentley is born.
Page 5 A rhynoc primadonna entertains cloud spires.
Page 6 The Bailey gang finds an easy target.
Page 7 Zoe and Ami compete for Sparx's affections.
Page 8 Deputy Holiday catches the notorious 'nyaah nyaah' gang.
Page 9 Gnasty Gnorc and Ripto hold a summit to discuss 'The Spyro Problem'.
Page 10 Baaaaaah!
Page 11 Hunter discovers babysitting is harder than it looks.
Page 12 Thank you for playing. We'll miss you.

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