Spyro 2 Epilogue

Page 1 Epilogue
Page 2 Gulp found a new life at the Society for the Protection of Abused Monsters petting zoo.
Page 3 Some of the Earthshapers joined the Faun dance troupe in Fracture Hills.
Page 4 One of Spyro's friends found a new toy.
Page 5 Hunter's scuba diving career got cut a little short.
Page 6 Moneybags swindled the bonebuilders one time too many.
Page 7 Agent Zero found some new recruits to train.
Page 8 The Ice Builders finally made it to Colossus for the big hockey game.
Page 9 The Chef finally got to host a hot tub party.
Page 10 Spyro missed his chance with Elora.
Page 11 Crush decided to pursue higher learning.
Page 12 Spyro was confronted by the black sheep of the herd.
Page 13 Basil the Explorer's Faunus Mortas Extinct Creatures of Avalar
Page 14 Guardus Fioritum Catabatus
Page 15 Farmae Robotum Druidus Schnikum
Page 16 Varmintum Lizardum Fat Slobae
Page 17 Mister Fistus Armapillow
Page 18 Nervous Tickus Wuss
Page 19 The End

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